Tapes n Records

***Please keep in mind, I dont have the best camera in the world, so these photos arent going to be high quality

LE//SA - Late Night Delight (2018 Cassette)

Vaperor - System Delight (2018 Repress)

Dan Mason - Miami Virtual 1 & 2 (2018 White)

Cardian - Robloxwave (Green Lawn Edition)

Abersta - Turbo chic (Neon Edition)

Software - Digital Dance (100 Electronica Cassette)

S p o r t 3 0 0 0 & Alternate Skies - Digital Forecast (Blue Cassette)

CatsystemCorp - Solar. Comfort. Paradise/ The future is here (2018 Repress)

Fotoshoppe: Various Artists - Tropical Breeze (Clear Cassette)

Soulcraft - Beach house (White Cassette)

Virtual 420 - 240p (Bizbox Edition)

Azuresands420 - My Summer Vacation (White Cassette)

Vape Vinyls

Skylar Spence - Prom King (Gold LP edition & CD)

Equip - I dreamed of a palace in the sky (Green transparent Vinyl)

Vector Graphics - Destine/.Casting - Late to be real (2 In 1)

Vector Graphics - Mignight Love (7 inch clear Vinyl)Front Cover Side A Side B Back Cover

Other Records That I just so happened to have

Spongebob Squarepants - Original Theme Highlights (2018 Repress, Yellow Red Brown Spatter)